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Chapter 1

Lesson 3

Introducing the Planetary Party Planner Project

In this lesson, we'll introduce our demo project, the Planetary Party Planner, which will be the centerpiece of our learning experience throughout the course. By working on this project, you'll gain hands-on experience implementing features such as authentication, pagination, caching, and more, all within a practical and fun application.

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Welcome to our thrilling project: the Planetary Party Planner! The year is 3100 and the Planetary Party Planner is how human race — scattered across the galaxy — plans cosmic parties! As we progress through this course, we'll be building a GraphQL API for this application — all while learning the intricacies of GraphQL. Note that we will not build any frontend for this application and only focus on the API.

Features for the Planetary Party Planner API

As we embark on this cosmic journey together, we'll be implementing the following key features in our Planetary Party Planner API:

Creating, browsing, and joining parties

Users can create parties by selecting a planet, time, and theme. They can also view the list of parties and join the ones they're interested in. Joining a party will be as simple as RSVPing, and the user will be added to the guest list for that event. To ensure a smooth browsing experience, we'll add pagination to the party list, making it easy for users to navigate through a potentially long list of parties.

We will create the necessary schema and resolvers as we learn them, and then update them in later lessons with pagination and more.

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