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Chapter 1

Lesson 2

Diving into GraphQL: An Introduction

Embark on your GraphQL journey, learning about its origins, core concepts, and why it's transforming the way we build APIs. Understand the benefits and use cases of GraphQL, setting the stage for your API mastery.

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Welcome to the fascinating world of GraphQL! In this lesson, we'll introduce GraphQL, a modern query language for APIs that revolutionised the tech world, providing a more structured and efficient way to manage data.

What is an API and why do we need it?

The backbone of any application consists of two key layers: storage and computation.

The storage layer is typically handled by structured services called databases.

The computation layer is responsible for processing data from the databases (and other sources) and returning structured data according to the business logic of the application.

This layer exposes a backend Application Programming Interface (API) that the frontend of the application interacts with, allowing seamless and agreed-upon communication mechanism between both ends.

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