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Chapter 1

Lesson 4

Designing Efficient Schemas in GraphQL

Master the art of designing GraphQL schemas that define the shape of your data and set the foundation for your API. Learn how to create types, queries and mutations that work harmoniously to provide a seamless API experience.

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The schema is at the heart of a GraphQL API. It is a typed declaration of the relationship among the data exposed through the API. In this lesson, we dive deep into how to write GraphQL schemas — and build the schema for the Planetary Party Planner API.

GraphQL has its own Schema Definition Language (SDL) — a human-readable syntax used to define the structure, types, and relationships in a GraphQL schema. It's a language-agnostic way to represent the schema, which can be understood and implemented by various GraphQL libraries across different programming languages.

It all starts at the root: Queries and Mutations

Any API serves two key purposes: getting and modifying data. A GraphQL schema — designed as a data graph — starts at the root: getting data with queries and modifying data with mutations.

We define the set of queries in a GraphQL schema with a type definition of Query.

Let's learn all about GraphQL queries (and SDL!) with the queries we need in the Planetary Party Planner API.

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