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Chapter 4

Lesson 6

Resources on GraphQL

A curated set of resources to dive even deeper into GraphQL.

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In this lesson, we list a curated set of resources to dive even deeper into GraphQL. This list comprises official documentation, books, and — most importantly — case studies. As there are plenty of resources available on GraphQL, we wanted to ensure the efficacy of this list — consequently, every resource has been carefully vetted. Nonetheless, some of the resources may have slightly outdated information (or lack the newer methods).

Consider bookmarking this lesson as a future reference, if not this entire course!

The official GraphQL website

For a comprehensive understanding of GraphQL and its foundational concepts, the official GraphQL website is a must-visit resource. The website is continually updated and maintained by the GraphQL Foundation.

Production-Ready GraphQL

The book "Production-Ready GraphQL" by Marc-André Giroux is an excellent guide for anyone looking to dive into GraphQL at a deeper level. Written by an industry expert, this book covers the essentials, such as queries and mutations, to the advanced topics, like schema design, error handling, and performance considerations. It includes practical advice and best practices drawn from the author's experience of working with GraphQL at GitHub. A standout feature of this book is its focus on real-world challenges and solutions, making it a very good resource for developers aiming to create production-grade applications using GraphQL.

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