How to expense
Modern Fullstack courses

Good news: Many companies offer an L&D or education budget that covers the cost of our courses. We provide several ways to help you get your course reimbursed.

Modern Fullstack Invoice

After you enroll in a course, you will receive an invoice for your course purchase. You can forward this invoice directly to your team for reimbursement. Please reach out at if you need help adding custom information, such as your company name and address.

Email template

If you need manager approval, we also provide a reimbursement template that you can forward. Let your manager know you're interested in a course that will improve your work.

Emphasize how the course aligns with your career objectives and the broader goals of the company. Highlight the potential for the course to contribute to the company's success, either by boosting efficiency, enhancing team capabilities, or even opening up new opportunities for growth and innovation. This approach not only demonstrates your commitment to personal development but also shows your dedication to the company's progress.

By framing the course as an investment in the company's future — something that offers tangible benefits and supports the team's objectives — you're more likely to receive enthusiastic support from your manager. This perspective turns the course from a simple educational endeavor into a strategic tool for advancement, making it an appealing proposition for the decision-makers in your organization.

Interest in Enrolling in Modern Fullstack's Cloud-Native Product Development Course

Hey [Manager's Name],

I hope this message finds you well.

I've recently discovered an intriguing course offered by Modern Fullstack that I believe would significantly benefit my professional development. The course, focusing on cloud-native product development, seems perfectly aligned with the cutting-edge skills and knowledge crucial in our field.

Key aspects of the course include:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum with Modern Tech Stack: The course offers an all-encompassing approach to product development, teaching fundamentals alongside modern, next-gen tech stacks. It covers the latest in cloud technologies, including React, GraphQL, Supabase, PostgreSQL, Remix, Serverless, and TypeScript.
  • Hands-on Learning: The course is structured to offer in-depth theoretical understanding alongside practical, hands-on projects, and personalized quizzes, facilitating a thorough learning experience.
  • Industry Endorsement: The course is recognized and endorsed by industry leaders, adding significant credibility and relevance to the skills and knowledge it imparts.

I am confident that the insights and skills I would gain from this course would be directly applicable to my current role and future projects. While the course is designed for individual participants, I am committed to sharing key learnings and best practices with our team.

For more details about the course, including specific modules and instructor profiles, please visit

I value your thoughts and input on this opportunity and am eager to discuss how this course could further enhance my contribution to our team.

Thank you for considering this proposal. Looking forward to our discussion.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

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