MFS401 : Table of Contents

Chapter 5

Lesson 1

Realtime Revolutions: Implementing Postgres Change Listeners


History of web communications

Inner workings of Web Sockets

Postgres change listeners

Supabase realtime subscriptions


Filters for granular realtime monitoring

Chaining Postgres listeners

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In a world where data is at the core of decision-making, the speed at which this data is made available can be a game-changer. From stock trading applications — where millisecond delays can translate to financial losses — to social media platforms where the latest updates keep users engaged, the demand for realtime data is ever-present.

Supabase provides some simple-to-use products to enable realtime features, from listening to database changes to client-to-client realtime channels.

Before diving into the details of Supabase's realtime products, let’s take a short walk down the history of web communications.

The history of web communication

The online experiences that we now accept as ordinary and integral to our daily lives are the result of years of innovation.

In the late 1980s, when Tim Berners-Lee first sketched the complex web of hypertext documents at CERN, his foundational efforts established three critical pillars of the modern internet: HTML, URI, and HTTP.

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