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Project Blueprint: Introducing PixelPulse


Overview of project components

Core React + Vite + Supabase stack setup

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Welcome to our exciting project: PixelPulse! As we stand at the forefront of the AI era, the essence of art has undergone a transformational shift. With just a simple prompt, anyone can create artwork. That's why we're building PixelPulse, a platform designed to bridge the gap between AI artists and art aficionados.

On PixelPulse, artists can share their AI-generated masterpieces, while art enthusiasts can discover inspiration, engage with diverse artwork, and interact with the creative minds behind them.

We'll primarily build PixelPulse using Supabase, with React and Vite powering the front end. Our primary focus will be learning Supabase, so we won’t focus much on the UI part of the project.

We aim to cover most topics in a language and framework-agnostic manner; however, most of our code examples will be provided in JavaScript/TypeScript and React.

Therefore, having a basic understanding of React and JavaScript would be beneficial to get the most out of this course. If you need a refresher or an introduction to React, we have a concise article that covers the basics.

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