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Chapter 2

Lesson 2

Guide to Auth Magic: Master Email and OAuth with Supabase


Common authentication user journeys

Email / password auth implementation

SSO auth implementation


Client-Side user authentication tracking

Personalized emails through Custom SMTP

User data management

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In the last lesson, we discussed different auth strategies, why implementing auth is hard, and how Supabase acts as an excellent auth-as-a-service. In this lesson, we dive deeper into how to set up auth in Supabase and how Supabase implements some of these auth strategies.

Auth in Supabase Dashboard

Let’s start by navigating to the Authentication page in the Supabase Dashboard, then proceed to the Users section. Currently, no users exist since we have not implemented authentication yet. Supabase allows to add users directly from the Dashboard, set an initial password for them, and invite them to the application. For now, let’s create a user with a dummy email by:

  • Clicking "Add User".
  • Then, selecting "Create New User".
  • Note the "Auto Confirm User" checkbox. By default, users need to verify their email addresses before logging in. However, for this demo, we will tick this box to bypass the verification email.
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