MFS202 : Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Lesson 3

Project Blueprint: Introducing the IndieNotes Project

In this lesson, you'll set up your very own personal Remix project, IndieNotes, a simple note-taking app, which will be the centerpiece of your learning experience throughout the course. By working on this project, you'll gain hands-on experience implementing Remix’s features such as nested routing, optimized data loading, and working with a unified server-client runtime.

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This course is designed to be the perfect combination of practical and theoretical concepts for learning. Therefore, we will build a real full-stack web app as we progress through this course. The app is called IndieNotes. It is a simple note-taking app, but it covers most of the common remix features.

The app is based on the official Remix Indie Stack. But we have made some modifications to it to make it easier to deploy.

A user can log in or sign up and access their notes. They can also add a new note or delete existing notes. We have kept the app functionalities and features simple so that we can focus more on the implementation details and Remix features.

The app has email-password based authentication.

Vercel for Deployment

The original indie-stack app by the Remix team is designed to be deployed on Although is one of the best ways to deploy Remix apps, it can be slightly difficult for new users, as it requires some extra configuration, such as setting up docker instructions. Therefore, for the sake of simplicity, we have modified it to be deployed on Vercel. Vercel is easier to get started and provides most of the features as part of their free tier. Vercel also provides CI/CD options to deploy code from the Git repo automatically, so we don’t need to set up custom CI/CD tools.

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