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Chapter 3

Lesson 3

Write Markdown in Remix: You can do what?!

Elevate your Remix app's content with the power of Markdown. This lesson will show you how to incorporate Markdown content in your app, enabling you to deliver crisp and visually appealing content that will captivate your users.

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Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain-text formatting syntax that has gained widespread popularity for its ease of use and readability. It allows writers to format text using a simple and easy-to-understand syntax, making it a favourite among content creators for everything from writing documentation to creating content for websites. Markdown's simplicity lies in its straightforward syntax for formatting elements like headings, lists, links, and emphasis, which translates directly into HTML.

MDX extends the capabilities of Markdown by incorporating JSX directly into the markup. The integration of JSX with Markdown in MDX enables the embedding of dynamic and interactive React components directly within Markdown files. This powerful combination simplifies the process of writing rich, interactive content for web applications.

Remix, leverages the strengths of MDX, combining the simplicity of Markdown with the power of React. In Remix, MDX files can be used as route modules itself or can be used as components and imported into other route modules.

Using MDX in Remix

MDX Routes

To utilize MDX in Remix, we can create a .mdx file as a route module. Let’s create a about.mdx file in our /routes folder. This file will automatically be part of the file system-based routing. We will see that we are getting the desired markdown formatting builtin.

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# Heading 1
## Heading 2
### Heading 3
#### Heading 4
Normal text
**Bold text**
*Italic text*

Markdown Syntax

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