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Chapter 2

Lesson 4

Exploring Deployment Horizons: Different Ways to Deploy GraphQL APIs

Discover the various deployment options for your GraphQL API, taking it from development to production seamlessly. Learn about different hosting platforms and serverless environments, ensuring your API is accessible, reliable, and performant. Compare deploying on AWS with SST vs Deploying on managed platform like, or on the Edge with Cloudflare.

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GraphQL has a mature ecosystem — there are plenty of ways and platforms to deploy a GraphQL API. Our choice of GraphQL server implementation depends on the chosen deployment platform, but don't worry—most server tools make switching between different implementations a breeze. As you begin your journey, we suggest starting with the tool that makes the most sense for your use case and evolving as necessary. Let's dive into some key considerations for deploying a GraphQL API:

Serverless vs persistent servers

GraphQL can be implemented as a serverless API or on a managed server. Most GraphQL server tools have first-class support for both these options.

Serverless GraphQL APIs are cost-effective for a variety of consumption loads and require minimal deployment maintenance—making them a great starting point. However, for large-scale projects with complex requirements, dedicated servers might be needed to distribute consumption load.

While serverless APIs are highly efficient, they can occasionally experience increased latency due to a phenomenon known as "cold start." Several solutions exist to counteract this, such as sending regular dummy requests to keep the API "warm."

In some cases, serverless APIs may not be suitable for hyper-scaling projects with complex requirements. We may need dedicated servers — or better, a set of servers — to distribute the consumption load. This may be even more relevant when working with projects using GraphQL federation.

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