The Fundamentals of React

Uncover the essential principles of React, the powerful JavaScript library for building dynamic user interfaces. Learn about React components, state management, and the virtual DOM, as you embark on a React adventure that will leave you 'hooked'! Don't just 'setState', set the stage for a fun and interactive web development journey!

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React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It uses self-contained and small code snippets called components to build massive applications — to the likes of Facebook.

React is arguably one of the most popular web frameworks in the world. It is easy to get started and build applications that are fast, resilient, and sufficiently complex.

When building products, React also enables a faster development cycle, a massive community to get support, and experienced developers to hire from all over the world.

React can be used to build not only web applications but also native applications that work in both Android and iOS. Nonetheless, in this article, we focus on building web applications with React.

React takes declarative code to describe how the user interface is expected to look and transforms it into user interfaces with manageable states.

Did You Know

Declarative code is a programming style where you express what you want to achieve without explicitly describing the steps to accomplish it. In simple terms, it focuses on the desired outcome rather than the step-by-step process. This approach often makes the code more readable and easier to understand.

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