Feb 27, 2021

Updating AWS SDK to v3

At Modern Fullstack, we are committed to keeping our content fresh with major updates. On Dec 15th, 2020, AWS announced Modular AWS SDK version 3 . It is a significant update that reduces the size of the bundle and improves the developer experience, among other enhancements.

We have already incorporated v3 in the hands-on chapters and will include them in the entire MFS401 course.

MFS is one of the very few places in the wild with detailed tutorial on AWS SDK v3.

Feb 15, 2021

General availability of Modern Fullstack

After a year of development, we are opening up the Modern Fullstack platform for general availability. 🎉

We are starting with MFS401: a humongous course on building cloud-native products with modern technologies — React, TypeScript, GraphQL, Serverless, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, and more.

It has 5 modules comprising of 20 chapters and 84 lessons. We focus on not only learning the technologies, but learning to build scalable products with the technologies. It is time to grow beyond the todo apps.

We will soon announce our plan for MFS301, a brand new course on building analytics products with Next.js, SQL databases, Elasticsearch, etc.